Nike blockchain patent

nike blockchain patent

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Send bitcoin online 714 tax tool As one example, the two owners of the parent CryptoKicks may be required to meet at a designated location or be within a predetermined proximity of one another to create a CollaboKick. Method continues to decision block to determine if the user 11 has procured a cryptocurrency wallet or other similarly suitable digital blockchain locker that is operable, for example, to upload and maintain location and retrieval information for digital assets that are encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner. System and method for utilizing a fully-integrated, on-line digital collectible award redemption and instant win program. Inquiry transfer system, method, device, equipment and medium based on block chain. Aspects of this disclosure may be implemented, in some embodiments, through a computer-executable program of instructions, such as program modules, generally referred to as software applications or application programs executed by any of a controller or the controller variations described herein.
Nike blockchain patent In one context, the character may be an athlete and the environment may be a sporting environment. For assistance, contact your corporate administrator. Lack of direction from Congress on the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of could complicate filing season for millions of taxpayers. System and method for processing copyright and profit distribution of clothes fashion design using blockchain. Adidas has participated in NFT drops , for instance, while Reebok has released its own collectible items. In the sneakers app, a new profile page is responsively enabled; the sneakers app opens the new profile page.
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Best crypto movies Clause 2: The method of clause 1, wherein the token includes genotypic information corresponding to one or more phenotypic expressions of a virtual object. The decentralized computing system of claim 14 , wherein a second plurality of the code subsets includes data indicative of attributes of the article of footwear. This CollaboKick will have a unique token and distinct attributes compared to the parent CryptoKicks. By way of example, and not limitation, there are presented cryptographic digital assets that are provisioned through a blockchain ledger of transaction blocks and function, in part, to connect a real-world product, such as a physical shoe, to a virtual collectible, such as a digital shoe. Rather, the foregoing summary merely provides an exemplification of some of the concepts and features set forth herein. All such references should be read to equally apply to apparel e.
Nike blockchain patent Method for minting and using vehicle-related non-fungible tokens, and information technology system. Clause The decentralized computing system of clause 50, wherein generating the progeny cryptographic digital asset includes applying a random number generator to: designate one of the cryptographic digital asset or the third-party cryptographic digital asset as a sire; designate another of the cryptographic digital asset or the third-party cryptographic digital asset as a dam; and determine which of the of third code subsets correspond to the first code subsets and which of the of third code subsets correspond to the second code subsets. Systems, methods, and apparatuses for protecting consumer data privacy using solid, blockchain and IPFS integration. A platform-dictated smart contract associated with the locker may facilitate transfer of stored assets and create a verifiable audit trail of the same. Clause The method of any of clauses , wherein a second plurality of the code subsets includes data indicative of attributes of the article of footwear.
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Unfortunately, within the digital realm, digital assets for footwear includes by the original developer, then one of a limited quantity from a remote computing node, will be described in detail. blockchaon

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RTFKT x Nike Cryptokicks Patents Deep Dive
The patent suggests that the sportswear giant is moving towards launching more products tied to the crypto technology and blockchain-based system; however, no. The US Patent Office has today issued sportswear brand Nike's patent for its blockchain-compatible sneakers dubbed �CrpytoKicks.� Further Resources. Title. Nike initially sought claims that merely generated and stored the digital asset on the blockchain, without any of the transfer capability.
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Other aspects of this disclosure are directed to decentralized computing systems with attendant blockchain control logic for mining, intermingling, and exchanging blockchain-enabled digital shoes. Process for embossing and using vehicle-related non-fungible tokens and information technology system. In this sense, the alphanumeric string may be akin to the genetic code of the virtual object. Any algorithm, software, control logic, protocol or method disclosed herein may be embodied as software stored on a tangible medium such as, for example, a flash memory, a CD-ROM, a floppy disk, a hard drive, a digital versatile disk DVD , or other memory devices.