Sell music on blockchain

sell music on blockchain

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NFTs can be used to represent ownership of digital assets, allowing artists to sell their music directly to fans without the need for intermediaries such as. Since most NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, you need to purchase a utility token called Ether or ETH to list and sell your music on an. Selling music and other artwork on the blockchain allows artists to connect directly with their fan base without the requirement for a record.
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Challenges and limitations of using NFTs in the music industry While NFTs offer many exciting possibilities for musicians, there are also several challenges and limitations to consider. We highly recommend choosing OpenSea or Rarible, as those have such a user-friendly interface and support tons of tokens on the market. February 4, September 25, In addition, similar to the unique Da Vinci painting, the price of an NFT is likely to increase in value over time, too, as it is a collectible.